Date 1876-02-26
Publication Academy
Topic Pinwell Exhibition
AP display
RA display
Subject art
Keywords Pinwell Exhibition and memorial
Standards PRB aesthetic standards
  ↳ quality
Notes "Good qualities as a person, but not as a body of work."

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76 February 26 Academy


The Pinwell Exhibition.


Rossetti, William M. "The Pinwell Exhibition." Academy (February 26, 1876): 201. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


Rossetti equivocates, starting his assessment with praise for the late George John Pinwell as a "highly gifted designer, a delicate and inventive painter, and a man of individual genius," but concluding that when a viewer looks at the whole collection of Pinwell's work, it's really hard to say the whole reflects the attributes of the artist, or that the collected exhibition of solely his works advances the reputation of the painters. Rather, as a solitary exhibitor, the collection underscores his shortcomings.

Rossetti points out the shortcomings in Pinwell's style and technique, but does not discuss specific examples in the exhibition. He mentions a few biographical details from the exhibit's catalogue, concluding with favorable remarks attesting to the high esteem Pinwell's friends held for him.




Pinwell, Exhibition

Standards of Judgment:

Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic standards

Rhetoric and tone:

evaluative, definitive


Pinwell, Heatherly