Date 1875-12-11
Publication Academy
Topic Water Colour Institute
AP display
RA display
Subject art
Keywords water-colour
  ↳ achievement
  ↳ merit
  ↳ value
Standards PRB aesthetic standards
Notes Part 1
  ↳ landscapes reserved for part 2
  ↳ "like DGR" reference.

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75 Dec 11 Academy

Rossetti, W M THE WATER-COLOUR INSTITUTE. The Academy and literature, 1914-1916; Dec 11, 1875; 188; British Periodicals pg. 610


Exhibition of The Water Colour Institute, December 1875.


Rossetti, William M. "The Water-Colour Institute." The Academy (1875): 188. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


This is an uncharacteristically positive review for Rossetti, but it becomes clear that the exceptional works he discusses conform to his pre-Raphaelite school norms when Rossetti mentions that the seemingly most accomplished work in the exhibition had "something of Mr. Dante Rossetti," or perhaps a fusion between Leighton, Burne-Jones and Solomon. He focuses the majority of the critique on four artists and their works, examining their design, intent and success as art works.

A smaller space is reserved for less accomplished works and a second notice is promised to discuss landscapes and other pieces.




water-colour; achievement, aesthetic success

Standards of Judgment:

PRB aesthetic standards

Rhetoric and tone:



Linton, Herkomer, Small, Gow, Hine, Mrs. Coleman-Angell, Rosa Bonheur