Date 1875-07-10
Publication Academy
Topic WMR visits La Maison Leys, Antwerp
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Subject art
Keywords Baron Ley's home
  ↳ artwork
  ↳ bio.
  ↳ frescoes
Standards Tour of Maison Leys
  ↳ Antwerp
Notes Peripatetic
  ↳ physicality, narration.

Annotation details

75 July 10 Academy


tour of La Maison Leys.


Rossetti, William M. "La Maison Leys." Academy (July 10, 1874): 47. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


This peripatetic tour of Baron Leys' home touches on the artwork there, the architecture, the design, the furnishings and, to a minor extent, historical points of the painter's life there. There is a physicality of description that includes even the weather as it changed the mood and lighting of the artwork, and the very act of approach, reception and escort by the Baronne unfolds in a mode uncharacteristically narrative for a Rossetti article.

The essay concludes with a more historical rather than physical appraisal of the experience, relating facts about Leys' life and philosophy as those components converged in Leys' life, work, and residence. Rossetti relates Leys' philosophy for young artists regarding exposure to various styles.

It is interesting to note that this trip is not mentioned in the "Foreign Trips" chapter of Rossetti's memoir.




Maison Leys, Ley's frescoes, artwork

Standards of Judgment:

historical context

Rhetoric and tone:



Baron Leys, Baronne Leys, Wordsworth, Braekeller