Date 1875-02-02
Publication Academy
Topic Dudley Gallery, second notice
AP display
RA display
Subject art
Keywords Dudley
  ↳ portraits/landscapes
  ↳ female painters
Standards PRB aesthetic standards
  ↳ past practice
Notes High percentage of female painters.

Annotation details

75 February 20 Academy


Dudley Gallery exhibition, second notice.


Rossetti, William M. "The Dudley Gallery." Academy (February 1875): 146. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


This second notice continues remarks specific to various painters and paintings. Rossetti again points out the importance of poetic elements in painting, comparing a line of poetry to a finished work. Rossetti's qualitative remarks which set the standard for the exhibition of portraits, landscapes and animal figures, is comprised of reference to the work of J.C. Moore and James MacBeth. Also noted is the achievement of Miss Edith Martineau, whose painting is cited by Rossetti as on a level nearly comparable to the work of Sir Edward John Poynter.

Various landscapes are critiqued and discussed in terms of process, intent, and comparative results. High praise is given to Heywood Hardy, whose animal subject Rossetti terms "a grand piece of work, full of observation, strength and firm design, entitling the artist to rank among the foremost animal painters of our time."

The exhibition is so large that Rossetti cites simply names and works for a major portion of the review, taking them "much as they come on the walls."




Dudley Gallery, portraits and landscapes, female painters

Standards of Judgment:

PRB aesthetic standards, past exhibitions

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Helen Coleman, Caroline Agnew