Date 1874-12-19
Publication Academy
Topic Riddell's personal Blake mss.
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Subject literature
Keywords Riddell volume
  ↳ Burns poetry
Standards historical artifacts
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Notes Burns, personal volume of Riddell.

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74 December 19 Academy


Glenriddell Burn's unpublished poems.


Rossetti, William M. "Some Account of the Glenriddell MSS. Of Burns Poems; with several Poems never before published." Academy 2 (December 19, 1869): 148. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


Rossetti credits the book with publishing several new Burns poems that were created for the private use and enjoyment of Riddell, Burns' neighbor. Some were too anti-loyalist to publish at the time, according to Rossetti. Upon Riddell's death, Burns sought to retrieve the volume to keep the poems from being made public. The volume was presented to Athenaeum library in 1853 by Burns' widow. Rossetti finds the volume to be "a handsome little book" that will "be extremely dear" to Scotsmen and not a few Englishmen as well.

According to the editor (Henry Bright), the poems are "probably the last novelties from Burns' pen that will ever be forthcoming."




Burns, poetry, Riddell

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Burns, Curie, Riddell, Ruddock, Graham, Lascelles