Date 1874-12-12
Publication Academy
Topic WMR pans Flemish Gallery exhibition
AP display
RA display
Subject art
Keywords foreign schools
  ↳ not all Flemish
  ↳ low art
Standards PRB aesthetic standards
Notes Leys, 1 painting
  ↳ not all Flemish work
  ↳ on page: Woolner replaces Foley RA.

Annotation details

74 December 12 Academy


The Flemish Gallery


Rossetti, William M. "The Flemish Gallery." Academy 2 (December 12, 1874): 136. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


This very brief review comprises only two paragraphs. Once again Rossetti searches a gallery for "an artistic or an emotional point of view" and finds this exhibition lacking. He also points out that despite the name, the collection is not exclusively Flemish, although the work he determines to be the best is from Belgium (a Baron Leys). A handful of paintings are mentioned briefly in largely quantitative terms; comparisons are made between this gallery and both French and Italian galleries in general. Rossetti finds that the Italian paintings have achieved a "creditable standing" among all of the paintings exhibited.




"creditable standing among foreign schools"

Standards of Judgment:

excellence among foreign schools


Everard & Co., Baron Leys, Gallait, Alfred Stevens, Bertrand, Couture, Huguet, Troyon, Theodore Rousseau, Madrazo, Geronimo Induno, Knaus, Thomas Faed

Writing technique/tone:

concise, brief; summary only


"a close-thoughted, rather stern personage."