Date 1874-11-28
Publication Academy
Topic Society of French Artists, part 2
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Subject art
Keywords execution
  ↳ intellectual content
  ↳ importance
Standards PRB aesthetic standards
Notes Part 2. The importance of a well-executed national art school.

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74 November 28 Academy


The Society of French Artists.


Rossetti, William M. "The Society of French Artists." Academy (November 21, 1874): 134. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


Rossetti had previously(Academy November 21, 1874) expressed approval of the exhibition of The Society of French Artists. He mentions several artists and works in his usual critical pattern of quantitative, narrative comments and qualitative appraisal of various works, then simple mention of others. The overall review is uncommonly favorable.

Rossetti focuses initially on a Corot landscape of a Dante scene, a subject area in which Rossetti has expertise. He makes a point of the comparison between the expression normally associated with Dante and both the scheme and execution of the painting, which he finds to under-serve the inspiration.

Rossetti familiars (and Cheyne Walk regulars) Alphonse Legros and Alma-Tadema receive favorable reviews for their landscapes (322-323), as does Mrs. Alma-Tadema.

Rossetti's concluding remark regarding French school painting is decidedly positive: "This is national art, not undeserving even of national recompense; which will be paid to M. Dalou in at least one form-that of his country's sympathy and gratitude." This is an example of Rossetti alluding to the importance of a successful school of national art.


critical, evaluative, explanatory


review, accomplishment, value, execution

Standards of Judgment:

aesthetic value, accomplishment, intellectual value


Millet, M. Alphonse Legros, M. Daubigny, Mr. Alma-Tadema, Mme. M. Cazin, M.G. Michel, M. Dalou



Writing technique/tone:

brief, incisive, laudatory


". . . uncommon powers of force and breadth;" ". . . grave simplicity and sentiment, but for luminosity as well."