Date 1874-11-21
Publication Academy
Topic Society of French Artists, part 1
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Subject art
Keywords execution
  ↳ intellectual content
  ↳ importance
Standards PRB aesthetic standards

Annotation details

74 November 21 Academy


The Society of French Artists.


Rossetti, William M. "The Society of French Artists." Academy (November 21, 1874): 133. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


A favorable review by Rossetti of the "Society of French Artists" exhibition, which he says exemplifies painting by those who "know what they're about." He finds little of "leading importance," but nonetheless finds excellent execution of intellectual content. In his overall appraisal, Rossetti says "indeed the pictures that do not reach at least the level of clever and decisive sketching-work form but a small minority." Several works receive the typical Rossetti analysis: brief quantitative review, explicating the design and storytelling, then qualitative review of the effectiveness and completeness of execution. Landscapes, he says, will be reviewed in an upcoming issue (Academy, November 28, 1874).

Rossetti notes one portrait of a woman which he says must do scant justice to the girl who sat for the portrait. Done by Ribot, whom Rossetti likens to Velasquez, Rossetti pronounces the portrait "a dull and ugly one."


critical, evaluative, explanatory


Society of French Artists, review

Standards of Judgment:

well-executed painting, intellectual content, comparative merit


M. Durand-Ruel, Rembrandt, Ribot, E. Duez, E. Degas, Alfred Stevens, Boldini, R. Legrand, Julyes Ferry, V. Huguet, Feyen-Perrin, Millet, J. De Vriendt, Baron Leys



Writing technique/tone:

brief, concise, evaluative, explanatory, pleased