Date 1874-09-05
Publication Academy
Topic WMR memorializes JH Foley
AP display
RA display
Subject art
Keywords sculpture
  ↳ preeminence
  ↳ rank
Standards lifetime achievement
  ↳ rank
Notes Suggests RA elect Woolner to replace Foley
  ↳ done Dec 12 74 Academy.

Annotation details

74 September 5 Academy


Memorial of John H. Foley.


Rossetti, William M. "Mr. Foley." Academy (September, 5, 1874): 122. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


Rossetti memorializes sculptor John Henry Foley, recounting his personal history including his development as an artist and some of the major events in his life. Some of his major works are mentioned with brief qualitative comments (e.g., ". . . full of fiery but self-possessed strength) and Rossetti mentions some of Foley's associates. Foley is noted as a preeminent sculptor, particularly of portrait busts, and Rossetti states that the Royal Academy could "recoup the loss" of such a great sculptor by electing Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood founding member Thomas Woolner as "a worthy successor."

Rossetti notes also that Foley advanced beyond the normal range of Academy sculptors on his own, becoming larger than simply an Academy success, extending his reach to preeminence among the European school of sculpting.


historical, encomium, obituary


eulogy, praise, memorial

Standards of Judgment:

lifetime achievement, comparative rank


Bailey, Thomas Woolner



Writing technique/tone:

laudatory, memorializing; historical


". . . it remains to this day one of the best examples of the combination, in modern sculpture, of a certain ideal antique grace with a simply natural motive, and a true realization of form;" ". . . a master in full possession of his means."