Date 1874-01-03
Publication Academy
Topic Memorialize Landseer, publicize exhibition
AP display
RA display
Subject art
Keywords memorial
  ↳ achievement
  ↳ rank
Standards relative merit
  ↳ accomplishment

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74 January 3 Academy


Tribute to Sir Edwin Landseer, announce exhibit.


Rossetti, William M. "Postscript." Academy (January 3, 1874): 24. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


This brief notice published under the heading "Postscript" memorializes Sir Edwin Landseer. Rossetti notes the high esteem in which Sir Edwin Landseer was held by his fellow artists as well as the Royal Academy. A subsequent critical review (Rossetti, W M, "The Landseer Exhibition at Burlington House," Academy .January 10, 1874) elaborates on the exhibition and on Sir Edwin Landseer as a painter.

Rossetti gives the details of a memorial display of 522 Sir Edwin Landseer works that are being exhibited as a tribute to Sir Edwin Landseer and in place of the regular Burlington House exhibition. Rossetti also gives a short chronology of Sir Edwin Landseer's life, as well as a brief tribute to the artist. In previous critical essays, Rossetti has lauded Sir Edwin Landseer as the foremost British painter of animals.

Sir Edwin Landseer's work was similar to the work of many in the circle of Pre-Raphaelite associates with whom Rossetti socialized and discussed art. In private, Rossetti was unabashed about frankly critiquing Sir Edwin Landseer. He described Sir Edwin Landseer's entry into the Royal Academy 1860 exhibition as "disfigured by the poor soppy color" (111).




memorial, announcement, advisory, encomium

Standards of Judgment:

a lifetime body of work, standing among peers


Marochetti, Sir Edwin Landseer, Burlington House



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"The Academy has recognized this obligation by the very marked step of suspending for a year its series of exhibitions of the works of old masters at Burlington House, substituting a Sir Edwin Landseer Exhibition;" ". . . none has entered into quite the same acuteness and geniality of sympathy into the drama and humour of the few beasts that are Sir Edwin Landseer's by predeliction, and most particularly the dog."

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