Date 1878-06-08
Publication Academy
Topic Royal Academy, third notice
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Subject art
Keywords RA
  ↳ landscapes
  ↳ figures
  ↳ animals
Standards PRB aesthetic standards
Notes Millais predominates.

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78 June 8 Academy


Royal Academy Exhibition, third notice.


Rossetti, William M. "The Royal Academy Exhibition." Academy (June 8, 1878): 318. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


Rossetti goes directly into the landscape paintings, finding a large number of "presentable" landscapes, but "few that produce a marked impression." Foremost among them is Sir John Everett Millais, according to Rossetti. His analysis of Millais's work is heavily descriptive, but only mildly analytical, describing the subject and the portrayal, complementing the effect but with little qualitative estimation. The same pattern follows with the work of Graham and Moore, with an added element of comparative achievement between the two. For "the mass of landscape-painters, Rossetti says, a few words will suffice. He describes a dozen more paintings, then gives a dense listing names and landscapes.

Millais leads Rossetti's list of the best portraits, with his "Earl of Shaftsbury" being "one of Mr. Millas's finest portraits." Rossetti describes the work and its effect in detail, then considers Millais's Langtry portrait to one of the same subject by Sir Edward John Poynter. Rossetti then lists many other works and painters with no critical commentary.

Rossetti enthuses about the animal subjects, particularly those of Riviere and Marks, citing an Omar Khayyam verse that is exemplified by Marks' exhibited works..




Royal Academy, third notice

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Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic standards

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Sir John Everett Millais, Sir Edward John Poynter, Brett, Graham, Riviere, Marks