Date 1878-06-08
Publication Academy
Topic Sale of Shelley artifacts and items
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Subject literature
Keywords Shelley possessions
  ↳ artifacts
  ↳ sale
Standards facts
  ↳ historical accounts

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78 June 8 Academy


the sale of Shelley items.


Rossetti, William M. "A Shelley Sale." Academy (June 8, 1878): 509. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


Rossetti announces and reviews the items of Shelley memorabilia he says will take place on May 28th, a week before the article is published. He specifies several items from the sale catalogue, which includes letters, books, personal items, artwork and other artifacts. Rossetti gives a historical account of many items, explaining for instance Shelley's reference to "the Minotaur," or telling readers that Shelley referred to Queen Caroline as "the Green Bag," and noting the origin of the name of Shelley's boat, which Shelley didn't choose nor approve, but which was affixed to the craft nonetheless.

Rossetti gives a historical sketch of Shelley's personal relationships as those connections relate to the items for sale. He details several items from Shelley's personal library for sale, and mentions an essay prize sponsored to commemorate Shelley's life and work, recently awarded, and Rossetti closes with some lines from the winning essay.


historical, journalistic


Shelley artifacts, sale

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historical fact

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Shelley, Edward John Trelawny, Godwin, Clairmont