Date 1878-04-06
Publication Academy
Topic Soc. Brit. Art. New gallery/ RA & Grosvenor
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Subject art
Keywords new Conduit gallery
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Standards PRB aesthetics
Notes See also Soc. Brit. Artists review 78.11.24

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78 April 6 Academy


Society of British Artists.


Rossetti, William M. "Pictures From the Academy and the Grosvenor." Academy (April 6, 1878): 310. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


Rossetti had made an appeal to the Society in his last review of their final Suffolk gallery exhibition (78.11.24) to start anew in the Conduit Street location with a better exhibition that reflects a more creditable membership. In this his first visit to the new gallery, Rossetti's hopes are not realized as the exhibition is "deplorable" and in his estimation, worse than the poorly done exhibitions in the old gallery. Those that are "good" he finds to be few, those that are "intolerable" he counts as many. He mentions Sir Frederick Leighton and Gilbert as members of the former; he then cites several pictures and artists that are included in the latter.

Rossetti turns to the Grosvenor and Royal Academy pictures and finds little recommend in the way of quality. He mentions favorably the work of Alma-Tadema and few other artists, extending commentary to brief descriptions and observations of the effects of various works. In one case, he calls a painting by Mesdag a "rather Whistlerish" work.

Rossetti marks the "extraordinary" debut of Robert Barrett Browning, son of the poet, who has been studying painting in Antwerp. Rossetti describes the work qualitatively and overall, pronounces it to be good.

It is noteworthy that Alma-Tadema and James McNeil Whistler were considered among Rossetti's inner circle of Cheyne Walk associates.




Society of British Artists, Browning, Conduit

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Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic standards

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Alma-Tadema, Robert Browning, James McNeil Whistler

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