Date 1878-03-23
Publication Academy
Topic Dudley gallery, second notice
AP display
RA display
Subject art
Keywords Dudley
  ↳ hanging
  ↳ Stillman
Standards PRB aesthetic standards
Notes Mrs. Stillman
  ↳ hanging gripe.

Annotation details

78 March 23 Academy


The Dudley Gallery (second notice).


Rossetti, William M. "The Dudley Gallery." Academy (March 23, 1878): 266. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


This is the second notice regarding the Dudley Gallery exhibition of 1878, dealing "briefly" with items that space limitations in the original review precluded from mention. He states that the artists Severn, Cabianca, Jackson, Penstone, Stillman, and Greenaway "claim to be spoken of with consideration.

Rossetti faults the hanging policy that Mrs. Stillman's noteworthy painting in an unobservable position such that "the details can hardly be apprehended."

Rossetti maintains the pattern of discussion of works that attain the highest level of aesthetic function in the collection that he overall finds to be with little merit. Others attain mere mention, mostly negative, and there is a complaint about the hanging policy of the exhibition, a favorite issue of Rossetti.

Rossetti finds a few landscapes of "superior quality," and one portrait he cites as "on the way to a masterpiece."




Dudley gallery, critique, appraisal

Standards of Judgment:

aesthetic value, comparative achievement, authenticity


Messrs. Cabianca, Arthur Severn, Jackson, Penstone, Mrs. Stillman, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Mr. Clifford, Miss Bertha Johnson, Messers. McFadden, Arthur Burchett, Letherbrow, T.J. Watson



Writing technique/tone:

concise, evaluative


". . . the details can hardly be appreciated, at the height at which the work is hung;" "it has neither intellectual core nor physical backbone."