Date 1877-12-01
Publication Academy
Topic Dudley Gallery
AP display
RA display
Subject art
Keywords Dudley
  ↳ landscapes
  ↳ figures
  ↳ sculpture
Standards PRB aesthetic standards
Notes Dudley standard as mediocre consistently.

Annotation details

77 December 1 Academy


The Dudley Gallery.


Rossetti, William M. "The continental Exhibition." Academy (December 1, 1877): 304. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


Rossetti states that in considering the eleventh of this series, it is clear that the works exhibited there are and likely will be from artists who "as a class mean little, but what they mean is put before us from a reasonably artistic point of view." He says there are seven works that stand out for him, a sculpture, five figure paintings and one landscape.

He discusses each in brief comments regarding composition, technique and effect. Hemy warrants an association with Rossetti's Cheyne Walk associate Sir Edward Burne-Jones and discussion on the same level. The notice closes with an extensive section of mentions.




Dudley gallery, sculpture, landscape, figures

Standards of Judgment:

Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic standards

Rhetoric and tone:

evaluative, definitive


Aimé-Jules Dalou, Alma-Tadema, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, John Pettie, Pickering, Goodwin

Works Cited

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