Date 1877-06-02
Publication Academy
Topic Royal Academy, third notice
AP display
RA display
Subject art
Keywords RA exhib.
  ↳ WMR advice to painters
Standards PRB aesthetic standards
  ↳ merit
Notes RA, WMR advice to new painters
  ↳ RA "diploma painting" fault.

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77 June 2 Academy


Royal Academy Exhibition, third notice.


Rossetti, William M. "The Royal Academy Exhibition." Academy (June 2, 1877): 495. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


Rossetti launches immediately into qualitative and quantitative discussion Sir Edward John Sir Edward John Poynter's work, with a direct criticism of the Academy and Academicians and the tendency to claim as their "diploma work" a painting that is neither "strenuously wrought" or the artist's best work. Later, Rossetti remarks on the best path a new artist can take, emulating the work of George Frederick Watts, Sir Frederick Leighton and Sir Edward Burne-Jones. George Frederick Watts, Alma-Tadema and Sir Edward Burne-Jones, it should be noted, were considered by Rossetti to be in his circle of Cheyne Walk associates.

Rossetti suggests that a young painter's best course "is to start from principle of strict and direct representation, confident in his own style," rather than following more traditional Academy proscription.

Rossetti provides qualitative and quantitative commentary on various works, evaluating motives, schemes, execution and effect. He concludes with an extensive listing of names and works with little commentary.




Royal Academy exhibition, artwork

Standards of Judgment:

Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic standards

Rhetoric and tone:

evaluative, definitive


George Frederick Watts, Sir Frederick Leighton, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Alma-Tadema, Yeames, Goodwin, Moore

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