Date 1876-06-24
Publication Academy
Topic Landseer's Indian Views and Sketches
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Subject art
Keywords art from India
  ↳ Geo. Landseer
Standards PRB aesthetic standards
Notes Distinguishes between prince of Wales' travel & exhib.

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76 June 24 Academy


George Landseer's Indian Views and Sketches.


Rossetti, William M. "Indian Views and Sketches." Academy (June 4, 1876): 216. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


Rossetti ridicules the catalogue's inflated title, but says that there is much of interest in the collection of George Landseer work assembled at 148 New Bond Street. He relates the "Sir Edwin Landseer" family connection (George, son of the famous engraver Thomas Landseer, plus Sir Edwin Landseer of oil-pictures), then a brief history of their experiences in India that resulted in the collected art being placed on display in the present exhibit.

"The most prominent excellence," according to Rossetti, "of his views is their fine sense of space, manifested without artifice or straining for effect, but equally pleasurable," and free of some of the artificial affectations of color and style Rossetti sees in other artists' views of India.

He describes some of the subjects and how they produce an exotic atmosphere for the entire collection, but there is little analysis of specifics works or techniques. Rossetti is careful to distinguish this exhibition from the one associated with the Prince of Wales' travels to India currently on display at another Bond Street gallery. He describes this latter exhibition in general terms only.




Indian Views, Landseer, Prince of Wales

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Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic standards

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George Landseer; the Prince of Wales; Taylor