Date 1876-04-22
Publication Academy
Topic French Gallery, second notice
AP display
RA display
Subject art
Keywords French Gallery
  ↳ other schools; modishness
Standards PRB aesthetics
  ↳ relative merit
Notes "newfangled modishness" suited to "full pocketbooks, empty heads"

Annotation details

76 April 22 Academy


The French Gallery, second notice.


Rossetti, William M. "The French Gallery." Academy (April 22, 1876): 207. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


In this second notice, Rossetti reviews "schools other than French," starting with the Italian. He discusses a powerful painting by Y. Gonzalez Vincente Palmaroli that he says emulate the force of Fortuny: "Bizarre subject matter, arbitrary arrangement, frivolous artificiality combined with obtrusive realism . . ." which ultimately Rossetti judges to be "newfangled modishness," suitable mostly for "fashionable people with full pocketbooks and empty heads."

In a review of Goupil's Gallery on June 10, Rossetti corrects his mis-identification of Palmaroli as Italian, stating that he is in fact Spanish.

He reviews briefly several works from "the northern schools" of Germany and Norway, and closes with the names and works of several exhibitors that he says sound more British than French: despite the label of the exhibition, Rossetti identifies three exhibitors who are "presumably English-Crofts, Braith and Bridgeman."




French Gallery, "other schools"

Standards of Judgment:

Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic standards


Y. Gonzalez Vincente Palmaroli, Fortuny, Bridgeman, Crofts, Braith