Date 1872-09-01
Publication Dark Blue
Topic WMR review of DeVirgilii's poetic achievement
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Subject literature
Keywords romanticism
  ↳ poetic imagery
  ↳ effectiveness
Standards achievement
  ↳ effectiveness

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72 September Dark Blue


Review of De Virgilii's poetic achievement.


Rossetti, William M. "Pasquale De Virgilii." Dark Blue 4.1 (September 1872): 123. Web. 21 Sept. 1872.


The focus of "Dr. Rossetti," according to the by-line, is initially on De'Virgili as a model of classicism. Then Rossetti widens the discussion to the components of romanticism and contemporary poets exemplifying the best qualities of both, including Byron, Shelley "and even Swinburne." Rossetti defines the components of genius in De'Virgilii's translations, then examines what constitutes genius in poetic composition. Key to his notion of Virgilii's excellence is the fulfillment of Rossetti's vision of truth and beauty in poetry exhibited by the masters Goethe, Byron and Shelley, who "obeyed the laws of their own genius, whose grinding impulse lay through the soul and heart of their fellow-man . . ."

Rossetti examines a few De'Virgilii poems in a close-read, pointing out the elements that make them poetically successful. He then profiles the poet's political and diplomatic history, pronouncing De'Virgilii to be an unqualified if underappreciated success as a poet and as a political operative.


exposition, education, information


exposition, introduction, validation

Standards of Judgment:

comparative merit, classicism, romantic principles, historical and political impact


Byron, Shelley, Swinburne, Monnier, Goethe, Virgil, Tasso, Dante, Ariosto, Shakespeare, Milton, Hugo, Schiller, Emmanuel



Writing technique/tone:

laudatory, situational and comparative, educational


" . . .exemplifying the best qualities of both, including Byron, Shelley and even Swinburne;" "Great in literature, De'Vigilii is greater still in political life . . ."