Date 1895-11-16
Publication Athenaeum
Topic Correct paper error re: DGR "Hand and Soul"
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Subject literature
Keywords incorrect newspaper reference
Standards facts
  ↳ history
Notes Story previously pub. in "The Germ" & The Fortnightly Review.

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95 November 16 Athenaeum


correct an error in a London paper regarding DGR's "Hand and Soul."


Rossetti, William M. "Hand and Soul." Athenaeum (November 16, 1895): 681. Web. 21 September 2011.


Rossetti corrects a report published in a London paper that claimed editors had overlooked "Hand and Soul" in the collection of Dante Rossetti's work scheduled for upcoming publication. Rossetti says he is the editor referred to and that the report is incorrect; the story will appear in that edition and further, the story had been published previously in The Germ as well as in The Fortnightly Review.


historian, correspondent


correction, inclusion, new DGR edition

Standards of Judgment:

facts, first-person knowledge


Dante Gabriel Rossetti, "The Germ", Kelmscott Press, Ellis & Elvey


rebuttal, definitive

Writing technique/tone:

rebuttal, definitive, concise