Date 1886-07-01
Publication Art Journal
Topic Notes on DGR & works, part 3
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Subject art
Keywords DGR
  ↳ works
  ↳ context
  ↳ history
  ↳ achievement
Standards facts
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Notes Final installment
  ↳ deathbed.

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84 July Art Journal


Notes on Rossetti and his works, third and final article.


Rossetti, William M. "Notes on Rossetti and His Works." Art Journal (July 1884): 204. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


William Rossetti details Dante Rossetti's work from 1870 through Dante Rossetti's death in 1882. Various historical and contextual details along with explanatory remarks regarding both Dante Rossetti's various painting projects, techniques, completed works, achievement and some information regarding the current locations of his finished works.

Noted by William Rossetti is the size of the painting Dante created for Valpy and the subsequent resolution of the commission; Swinburne credited with the verse in "Veronica Veronese;" Dante Gabriel Rossetti is cited as indifferent to music-but nonetheless aware of the connection between visual and aural aesthetics: "Obviously, this conception of the abstract work of art does not refer to music alone, but to all art, and the painter's mind must have run to the art of painting most especially. It is a little remarkable that Rossetti should have used the art of music as the vehicle for expressing this conception-or theory of conception, as it might with equal truth be called, remarkable, because Rossetti was more indifferent to the beautiful art of music . . ."

See also parts one and two.


historian, critic


Dante Rossetti's work, dates, locations, events

Standards of Judgment:

historical fact, first-person accounts


Graham, Valpy, Caine, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Stillman, Hipkins, Madox-Brown, Shields, Leyland, Turner, Gilchrist, Murray



Writing technique/tone:

direct, deductive, authoritative, retrospective


"a certain rather despotic resolve which was not a little characteristic of him."