Date 1884-06-01
Publication Art Journal
Topic Notes on DGR & works, part 2
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Subject art
Keywords DGR
  ↳ works
  ↳ context
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Standards facts
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Notes Debunks DGR myths.

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84 June Art Journal


D.G. Rossetti and his works, part 2.


Rossetti, William M. "Notes on Rossetti and His Works." Art Journal (June 1884): 165. Web. 21 Sept. 2011.


This second essay in the three part series begins in 1855 and concludes in 1868. Like the first part, this part covers events and artwork in the historical context of D.G. Rossetti's life as remembered by William Rossetti. Discussion of DGR's interaction with friends and associates is added to the historical mix; family events and relationships are also discussed. Lewis Carroll is described taking a family photo of the Rossettis. Rossetti debunks the notion that his brother "always painted the same female head." Also, he notes that Dante Rossetti "never in his life produced an etching." Discussion of conventions pertaining to Rossetti's subjects and methods continue through this chronological narrative.

Connection to William Bell-Scott is made, cited as one of DGR's longest standing friendship, which is underscored by Scott's inclusion in William Rossetti's Cheyne Walk associates; the rise of the PRB, Rossetti's independence regarding organized exhibitions.

See also parts one and three.


historian, critic


Dante Rossetti's work, dates, locations, events

Standards of Judgment:

historical fact, first-person accounts


Lewis Carroll, Tennyson, Kenyon, Scott, Miss Siddall, Leyland, William Bell-Scott



Writing technique/tone:

direct, deductive, authoritative, retrospective


"He had an uneasy hankering after his old work; constantly unwilling that it should remain just as it stood, and convinced that some change or other would better it . . "

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