Date 1883-01-20
Publication Athenaeum
Topic Correct error re: DGR "Found" in RA guide
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Subject art
Keywords RA guide error
  ↳ DGR "Found"
Standards facts
  ↳ according to WMR
Notes WMR says RA has wrong source.

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83 January 20 Athenaeum


correction regarding DGR work in Royal Academy exhibition catalogue.


Rossetti, William M. "Found." Athenaeum (January 20, 1883): 95. Web. 21 September 2011.


Rossetti corrects an error published in the Royal Academy exhibition guide that attributes the inspiration for Dante Rossetti's work "Found" to the wrong literary source.

Rossetti explains that the catalogue, as well as many individuals, assumed that the scene painted by Dante Rossetti was inspired by Bell-Scott's "Mary Anne," but in reality, William Rossetti says the painting is still unfinished, was started in 1853 and not 1882 as the catalogue states, and that the scene springs from Dante Rossetti's imagination, not Bell-Scott's "Mary Anne."

He says that readers would be rewarded by reading the poem of his "old friend Mr. Scott," whom he lists as one of his Cheyne Walk associates, but Rossetti challenges any reader of the poem to cite the line from "Mary Anne" that inspired the painting.


historian, critic


correction, erroneous Royal Academy exhibition catalogue entry

Standards of Judgment:

fact, historical accuracy


D.G. Rossetti, W.B. Scott


rebuttal, definitive

Writing technique/tone:

concise, brief


"This is a mistake . . ."

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