Date 1882-07-29
Publication Athenaeum
Topic WMR Trelawney journal part 2
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Subject literature
Keywords Trelawney and Shelley; WMR visits
Standards journal entries

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82 July 29 Athenaeum


Part two of Rossetti's "Talks with Trelawny" series.


Rossetti, William M. "Miscellanea." Athenaeum (July 29, 1882): 144. Web. 21 September 2011.


Part II of Rossetti's journal of his talks with Edward John Trelawny begins on February 13, 1872 and ends on April 22 1873. Details of Trelawny's history in general and Shelley's in particular, including Edward John Trelawny giving Rossetti a piece of Shelley's skull recovered from the funeral pyre.

Rossetti relates Trelawny's increasing desire to bring papers, artifacts and letters related to Shelley into the public realm. Full description of Shelley's funeral pyre and the preservation of bodily artifacts. Rossetti meets Mrs. Hogg; Trelawny on McCarthy's Shelley, Trelawny sits to Sir John Everett Millais; Byron and Napoleon.

See also part one and part three of the series.




Edward John Trelawny journal, Byron, Shelley; history

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Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic standards

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Mrs. Goodwin, Charles Napier, Leigh, Emilia Vivanito, Captain Roberts, Miss Hogg, Medwin, Edward John Trelawny, Denis MacCarthy, Shelley