Date 1882-07-15
Publication Athenaeum
Topic WMR Trelawney journal part 1
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Subject literature
Keywords Trelawney and Shelley; WMR visits
Standards journal entries
Notes Shelley cremation
  ↳ WMR receives artifact.

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82 July 15 Athenaeum


Edward John Trelawny journal part 1: May 1869-February, 1871.


Rossetti, William M. "Talks with Trelawny." Athenaeum (July 15, 1882): 78. Web. 21 September 2011.


This is the first of three Athenaeum articles presenting dated journal entries kept by Rossetti regarding his contact with Edward John Trelawny, beginning in May of 1869 and in this article, continuing through February 1871. The entries are detailed as to conversations, people present and discussed, particularly Byron and Shelley; the scope of the entries ranges from general topics to specific details including dates, times and direct quotes.

Rossetti acknowledges Seymour Kirkup for his introduction to Trelawny, an introduction predicated upon all three of their shared appreciation of Shelley (Reminiscences 2:367). Kirkup bequeathed Shelley's sofa, described in this series, to Trelawny, who gave it to Rossetti (Reminiscences 2:375).

Rossetti said of his association with Trelawny, "On all grounds I was anxious to get the benefit of Trelawny's knowledge of Shelley, the man and the poet, and felt proud of coming into relation with a person so interesting in himself, so closely associated with Shelley and a Byron, and so imbued with immortal memories . . ." (Reminiscences 2:371). The admiration was returned, Rossetti said, related by Mrs. Call (Trelawny's daughter) who said "her father often spoke to her, about me, as so valued by him: in fact, he said I was the only entirely reliable man about facts he had ever met" (Reminiscences 2:370).

Rossetti explains that their shared appreciation of Shelley led to their friendship and thus Rossetti's very effective historical account of Trelawny's firsthand knowledge of Shelley in the three journal-like articles in this series. See also part two and part three.

This particular entry contains vivid descriptions of Shelley's immolated remains, physical parts of which Trelawny shared with Rossetti.


historian, journalist


Edward John Trelawny journal, historical account

Standards of Judgment:

historical records, first-person recollections


Edward John Trelawny, Byron, Shelley, Mrs. Shelley, Miss. Clairmont, Miss Curran, Miss Hogg, Lady Blessington, Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Mr. Fletcher



Writing technique/tone:

dated journal; brief


". . . the details are drily and baldly recorded . . . "