Date 1882-04-29
Publication Athenaeum
Topic Clarify DGR exhibition plans
AP display
RA display
Subject art
Keywords clarify DGR exhibition plans
Standards facts
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Notes Letters: "leave path open for R.A."

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82 April 29 Athenaeum


D.G. Rossetti's pictures.


Rossetti, William M. "Mr. D.G. Rossetti's Pictures." Athenaeum (April 29, 1882): 546. Web. 21 September 2011.


Rossetti clarifies some information cited in a previous issue of The Athenaeum referring to his plans to produce an exhibit of D.G. Rossetti's paintings. Rossetti clarifies that he had previously contemplated producing such an exhibit but since that time, the Royal Academy decided to include a selection D.G. Rossetti's paintings in their next old masters exhibit and so William Rossetti had abandoned his plans in favor of the Royal Academy's announced exhibition at Burlington House.

In a letter to Lucy Rossetti dated April 27, 1882, Rossetti says he wrote the notice to Athenaeum in order to "leave the field clear for the R.A." to proceed with their own exhibit (Letters 339).


journalistic, critical


correction, update

Standards of Judgment:

facts, changes, alternatives


Royal Academy, Dante Rossetti, Burlington House



Writing technique/tone:

brief, concise, corrective

Works Cited

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