Date 1880-11-01
Publication Macmillan's
Topic WMR refutes Quilter/Quilter makes his point
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Subject literature
Keywords rebuttal
  ↳ critique
  ↳ disagreement
  ↳ feud
Standards facts according to WMR
Notes Letters, Athenaeum Nov 13, 1880.

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80 November Macmillan's Magazine


Refuting Harry Quilter's accusation.


Rossetti, William M. "Note." MacMillan's Magazine (November 1880): 80. Web. 21 Sept. 1876.


Macmillan's magazine publishes Rossetti's refutation of Harry Quilter's critique of Rossetti's implied bias toward Swinburne and Quilter's alleged criticism of his brother Dante's poetry, above Quilter's rebuttal.

Although Rossetti has his say, Quilter gets the last word, somewhat rebutting Rossetti's criticism. Rossetti also addresses Quilter's criticism and what Rossetti feels is Quilter's telling silence in November 13th, 1880 The Athenaeum.

Quilter had a long and discordant relationship with the pre-Raphaelite-influenced painters due to Quilter's inconsistent critical reviews of the group, starting with Sir Edward Burne-Jones (Letters fn 386).


Polemic, critical


rebuttal, refutation, critique, disagreement

Standards of Judgment:

historical fact


Mr. Quilter, Mr. Swinburne, Mr. Dante Rossetti



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