Date 1880-11-13
Publication Athenaeum
Topic WMR critical dispute with Quilter
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Subject literature
Keywords dispute
  ↳ correction
  ↳ challenge
Standards facts according to WMR
Notes Also Nov MacMillan's: WMR re: DGR and Swinburne

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80 November 13 Athenaeum


Dispute with Quilter.


Rossetti, William M. "The Personalities of Criticism." Athenaeum (November 1880): 642. Web. 21 September 2011.


Rossetti extends his comments originally published above Quilter's in Macmillan's Magazine (November 1880; annotated here as "80 November Macmillan's"). Rossetti explains the controversy to readers, including a chronology of the exchanges. He specifies that he received one letter regarding Mr. Quilter's remark ("not from Mr. Quilter himself") that seems to support Rossetti's side of the disagreement. Essentially, Rossetti accuses Quilter of defending himself only with silence.

Quilter seemingly has the last word on the dispute in the November 1880 Macmillan's, which may explain why Rossetti took the issue up in The Athenaeum.

Quilter had a long and discordant relationship with the pre-Raphaelite-influenced painters due to Quilter's inconsistent critical reviews of the group, starting with Sir Edward Burne-Jones (Letters fn 386).


Polemic, critical


dispute, correction, challenging

Standards of Judgment:

facts as Rossetti sees them


Harry Quilter



Writing technique/tone:

terse, uncompromising, direct

Works Cited

Rossetti, William Michael. Selected Letters of William Michael Rossetti. Ed. Roger Peattie. University Park: Pennsylvania State UP, 1990. Print.